Friday, May 19, 2006

Rudimentary page turning for 399 volumes

Today I published a rudimentary page turning interface for the 399 volumes we've scanned to date. That's 232,000+ pages from 23 titles, and represents over a year's worth of digitization. The interface is still VERY basic and does not match the interface I'm proposing. My main reason for doing this was to test our data model in a web environment and it's already paid off - we discovered some missing relationships that we need to incorporate into the next version of the model.

A note about the images: We are scanning materials at 400dpi grayscale with our Indus book scanners and saving the master images as uncompressed TIFs. The images presented on the site are bitonal GIFs and will be replaced with multi-resolutional, grayscale JP2 (JPEG2000) images once we settle on a vendor for encoding.

Please have a look at and provide feedback!


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