Thursday, August 10, 2006

JPEG2000 images online for select titles

We have evaluated LuraTech's LuraWave SDK for JPEG2000 (JP2) encoding to great success. On average it takes 20-30 minutes to encode all of the TIF images for a digitized book into JP2 images, which is about 3x faster than our OCR conversion rate (apples to oranges, I know, but lets you know that it takes about 2 hours total to post process a book after it's been scanned). We still have lots of encoding parameters to evaluate before moving into a production environment, but until then, please try the zoom & pan functionality for the following titles:

Caroli Linnaei ... Species plantarum

Synopsis plantarum,seu Enchiridium botanicum, complectens enumerationem systematicam specierum hucusque cognitarum /curante C.H. Persoon.

Joannis Hedwig...species muscorum frondosorum descriptae et tabulis aeneis lxxvii coloratis illustratae /opus posthumum, editum a Friderico Schwaegrichen.

View this page to see how the JP2 images look for color illustrations.


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