Monday, March 12, 2007

Better citation resolving and other web site updates

We've made the following updates & changes to the Botanicus web site, including better integration with Tropicos & more helpful screens resolving protologue citations. You can view these changes at

• Tropicos names integration.
• Tropicos and uBio names displayed in the same panel.
• Search text box moved from left hand side to the header above the tabs.
• Increased height of title browsing tabs in the header.
• Updated logic for check for existence of PDF files.
• Updated logic for display of OCR text.
• Updates to the display of title and item drop down lists in IE 6 and below.
• Added better exception handling to display generic error and page not found pages.
• New page resolve logic from Tropicos that only displays a citation if an exact match was found. Similar results displayed if no exact match could be found. To view this in action, follow the "View in Botanicus" link at

Unfortunately we're still chasing down a bug with some browsers over how they cache scripts for Botanicus. Hit your browser's Refresh button if areas of the web site appear to overlap or are not evenly aligned.


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